Hey, look, it’s Jason!  And he’s EXTRA British!  He’s only on two pages, and I just really wanted everyone to understand he was British.  Shortpacked!’s readers were mostly unfluent in It’s Walky!ese,  you see.  It’s two pages of concentrated Jason.

He’s also… more elaborately uniformed than usual.  I’d placed Mike and Amber in this real-ish New York space, and I felt like Jason’s attire had to be spiced up.  Also it more-quickly sold the idea that he was, you know, military.  More than wearing just a turtleneck.  It also better put across better the idea that Mike and Amber are civilians, just by how less elaborately they are dressed.  (I mean, okay, Amber’s in a mask and cape, but you get it.)

Jason’s still got the bow-tie, though.

Marcie and Travis poke along in the background.  They’re why this story is placed here rather than later.

yeah i’m tagging the honey bun by its eyeball