This It’s Walky! story offers a piece of why Joyce is the way she is due to her parents, in a way that Dumbing of Age hasn’t really yet approached.  NOT-SO-SPOILER ALERT: I am very kind of much exactly like Joyce in many ways, and so I put some parts of my parents into this.  Like Joyce, I was raised in this contradictory environment where my parents were simultaneously proud sexual beings while also decrying casual sexuality as horrible and awful while at the same time also also saying “no no no it’s great, it’s fine, it’s not dirty, despite how our community talks about it 90% of the time.”  And so my idea was that this is part of the source of Joyce’s repression, that she’s woven from this incredibly horny cloth, which means on some level she feels/knows she can’t escape it, which makes her lashback against the inevitable ever more the stronger.