Today’s strip is kind of counter to most Easter-type messages on this Eastery day.   She is not risen!  She is not risen indeed!

I will tell you this secret, though: Even as I drew this strip all those years ago, I was still not yet certain on whether Sal would live or die.  I kind of felt like I needed to Pull A Ruth.  This was a big storyline event, and big storyline events need somebody important to die, right?  Right?  It’s part of why Dina was so badly hurt earlier — I wasn’t sure if Sal was gonna die, and if she didn’t, I might’ve needed somebody to go.

Kind of cart before the horsing, wasn’t I?  “Kill somebody so it feels important” is probably not a great mindset, storytelling-wise.

But if Sal lives, she’s… definitely gonna hafta go to prison.  For forever.  She’s probably killed a buncha people, and shown herself to be kind of a major danger to… existence.  So dying here might be a mercy.