Let’s get to know some of the Squad 48 people as individuals!  Here’s Marcie.  She doesn’t talk.  In the Walkyverse, this was supposed to be evocative of a quiet, domineering personality that Joyce finds offputting.  I hid her eyes with opaque glasses and decided to not draw her mouth, gifting her with an eternally blank expression.  She’s also the first character to be drawn permanently wearing gloves, even before Sal picked up the habit.  After designing her, I realized her opaque glasses made her look a little like Marcie from Peanuts, so that’s where she got the name.  Other than that, the two characters aren’t very similar.  Peanuts‘ Marcie, in contrast, won’t shut up.

Dumbing of Age recast Marcie as a skater girl who lost the ability for speech sometime in her youth because of [REDACTED].  Where Walkyverse Marcie is hard to read, Dumbiverse Marcie is especially expressive mostly because she has to be, since the sign language she uses often needs facial expressions to sell certain words and tones.