Whoof, it was rough recreating this particular strip.  The original Keenspot site allowed you to stack multiple images so long as they were in alphabetical order, and so I just had like five pieces of artwork, each separated by a graphic image that was really just a thin, tall line.  But for WordPress I gotta combine it all into a super image.  It’s probably not a great filesize, and I don’t want to go look to see what it is.

Also I didn’t have high-res files to create this strip back in 2003, either, so I recreated a few of them from the new, larger comic sizes so it didn’t look artifacted as hell.  The bit with Walky and Joyce walking at night is from the new coloring.

I tried to choose some random panels here as the universe hemorrhaged, but two of them were definitely not random.  I wanted to push the red herring for The Cheese’s original identity a bit more assertively.  Can you catch it???

And the second panel with Joe is, surprise, a nod towards College Roomies from Hell!!!.  Joe is drawn in its style, and he has a tentacle arm just like that universe’s Mike.

but the floating cow clipart may just be my favorite part

even more than Jason continuing to be a fish in the Merwalky panel