no no, joe, they want prime to be their dad

Here’s Mike, being a hero, keeping Will from embarrassing himself, through, uh, punching.¬† Mike uses punching to solve a lot of problems for people.

Naturally, Joe started fitting a little more into my wheelhouse when we started highlighting his more insecure, uncertain side. Jason’s art is also selling Jackie’s reactions, and David’s basic idea for this scene does the rest: young ingenue Jackie has something to teach “experienced” Joe about women, something that even applies to the casual encounters that define him but will also start to send him on a different course.

Man, after reading¬†Dumbing of Age,¬†it’s hard to remember that Walkyverse Joe and Sarah were ever together… and to picture Sarah laughing at things. But she was the closest thing to a long-term commitment we’d seen him have up to this point, so her inclusion isn’t accidental.
And let’s all just ignore what’s going on with the unconnected “Yes, girls do” and the “Dextrous” word balloon’s tail, pls thnx