Top: spoilers, he does care if they’re the only people left on earth, otherwise who will sell him mcnuggets

Bottom: uh oh, you pissed off every single one of the superpowered soldier people

A buncha cameo crowdfillers here, partly because, like, oops, I’m running out of background folks who aren’t currently Evil Britja Brainwashed, mauled by monkeys, or eaten by Zombie Hooper.  (Being a SEMME squadmember does not often result in a dignified end.  Mandy actually kinda comes out on top.  In this moment, other characters… actually care!  They realized this was bullshit!)  And so here’s a buncha #itswalky! IRC folks again.  Hi, Starline!  Hi, DaveL!  Hi… my wife, again!  (Farthest right)

huh that drawing of her there looks kind of familiar, hrm


oh right shortly after this i decided i was going to borrow that character design for shortpacked! and then hope she didn’t ever notice