OKAY okay, here’s where we have need for more Shortpacked! context.  So, like, at the end of Shortpacked!’s first year, I had this story about Robin finding a Drama Tag in the stockroom, like one of those plastic slips you yank out of an electronic toy to get it to start running off the battery?  Anyway, once she pulled it, the strip started having dramatic things happening (thus “drama tag”), like Amber’s dad Blaine showing up to be a cockmonster.  That’s right, that’s where Dumbing of Age’s Blaine O’Malley comes from.  That storyline.

And hosting/guarding/providing-exposition to this Drama Tag was Head Alien II.  I never explained it.  He was just there.

But I’m about to explain it.

Anyway, this is one of those Winter Break Cliffhangers, where I put this kind of strip up on a Friday before I give myself time off for Christmas and New Years, and then come back and finish the story two weeks later.  But hey!  You get the follow-up tomorrow!  Not bad!