20030420big3How’d you spend your New Year’s Eve? Me, I realized I didn’t have a finished, colored version of this strip and I had to re-dialogue and recolor the whole thing. Hooray!  I’ve included the rough draft version.  The dialogue I had was T Campbell’s first draft, which we’d retool a bit before publishing — Dina’s change probably came after T read the previous story with Joe/Dina.   Also, notice we’re back to Anime Ace for the typeface, since this was first done back before I got my Walkyfont.

I got to design a new ship! It was fun.

RIP the original CGI SEMME Complex that you could see out the window. That only exists on my hard drive as the background of a Joyce commission.

Here’s T’s commentary:

Pretty sure I did the basic setup in panels 1 and 2 and whatever I came up with after that, we didn’t use. David gives the team a roomier vessel than before here, which will come in handy when it accommodates some extra passengers. His choice of the GI Joe movie theme is one of the anthems of our generation, though the last 16 years of military history mean I can’t enjoy it as unironically as I used to. Given Joyce and Walky’s mix of naivete an heroism, I’m not sure if that means it now feels less appropriate here or more.