joycevssalOkay, now this is the shit.  I’m still proud of this one.  I mean, sure, the panel borders are still a little more of that random ruler zig-zagging, but otherwise everything comes together nicely.  There’s action with a good sense of movement, there’s dialogue that’s efficient and to the point, and it’s all in the service of delivering an important idea.  Joyce has become something new, something better, while Sal has been fighting herself to remain the same.  And there’s this feel of narrative accomplishment when we look back and remember that Joyce was the crazy one, the one who wanted to change everything just to be Sal, and now here she is denouncing Sal while building herself up, the tables having been turned, while also there is punching.

The strip is 15 years old, but I still have an Italian finger kiss for it.

(up and to the left is the limited print that accompanied this storyline)