First, let me get this out of the way.  Dude, past Willis, that “HOLY HELL!” panel really needs to be in between panels 1 and 2.  You don’t want it to bridge panels 1 and 4.  That’s just a rookie mistake.

Second, and most importantly, yeah, this seems like a lot of anger out of no where.  Kind of feels like we’re missing a middle act between Joyce telling Walky she doesn’t feel valued by the other members of the team for being a childlike innocent earlier and this.  Even at the time I was drawing this, I knew it.  It skipped some steps.  But I didn’t care.  I pushed it anyway.  I didn’t like how Squad 128 was sniping at each other all the time, I wanted them to be more like a family — sort of Fantastic Four style — and so I railroaded this through.  I wanted a soft reboot.  I was unhappy with It’s Walky! and this was my band-aid.  I didn’t want to wait through a slog of setting this up properly, I wanted that fix now.  I was happy with this weak step if I could get where I wanted to be next.