look i’m sorry but i’ll be tagging her, read downwards at your own risk

When you write two people msging at each other, you have to start thinking about respective writing styles.  How good are they at spelling?  Do they abbreviate a lot?  Do they use punctuation?  How does their manner of written English compare to the other person’s?

An… easy way of differentiating them is having one person write in no caps and the other person writing in fully-augmented English.  Here I had Joe write in lowercase, because he’s a dudebro and stakes little pride in grammar, while his chat buddy writing in a mix.  She’s probably in a rush, or nervous, or what have you.  Normally she’d probably be more careful.

For comparison, when Walky and Amber tweeted at each other in Dumbing of Age, Walky put his caps and periods on.  He was an Honor Student, and even though he claims to shrug it off and play a goofball, the Smart Guy Performance is part of his identity.  Meanwhile, Amber is Extremely Online and doesn’t bother.