Years later, in It’s Walky!, there was a story titled “Round Two.”  The title referred to this Roomies! story, which was its Round One.  If you run back to the old site and check it out, you’ll notice some parallels I dropped into that It’s Walky! story, highlighting how Sal and Joyce had changed in the intervening four years.  This was hugely intentional, and a large part of why this new Roomies! story existed!  Bookends, if you will.

Keenspot was having trouble with the comic book stuff at the time, and it’s not like my title was a super hot seller or anything, so amid publication delays I remember arguing fervently for issue 4 to please please please come out before that Round Two story.  Having Round One out before Round Two was important!  This was ignoring the fact that, uh, maybe five people read that comic book stuff.  It may have well been just crapping it out into the void.