Well here’s a buncha important firsts.  It’s the real first appearance of Walky!  And Professor Doc!  And of the extravagantly-funded SEMME Complex!

I mean, dude, check out that high tech computer equipment Doc’s using.  He also sometimes prints out graphs to tape to the walls.

I also wonder where exactly he got that Taco Bell from.  The SEMME Complex is purposefully buried somewhere in the mountains to the west of Denver.  Presuming he bought it in civilization, which is miles away, that shit gets inedible within about five minutes, as soon as the heat leaves the food and you end up with a horrid mush.  I mean, I love Taco Bell, but it’s kind of immediately perishable.

…oh right, i think i established there’s a taco bell express inside the semme complex itself in that computer game i never finished…