Yup, everyone in It’s Walky! has borderline personality disorder, I’m pretty sure.

Mary’s a pretty good foil for young pre-trauma Sal much in the same way that Joyce and Becky work off each other in Dumbing of Age, I feel.  They’ve got that similar Responsible V Impulsive(: Dawn of Justice) dynamic that I love so much.  And just wait until you meet Sal’s evil dad!

I’m not sure why Mary isn’t still Sal’s childhood friend in Dumbing of Age.  Maybe when I was setting everything up, I just plain forgot.  It could’ve been easy to accomplish, and a year or two ago I thought about retconning that relationship back in, but I figured the two probably would’ve acknowledged each other before then.   But, in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t, because I like Marcie being Sal’s childhood friend a lot better.  Promoting Marcie means Mary has less to do, but … I’m fine with that.