That’s right, we’re doin’ this shit in chronological order!  That means we weave this Roomies! #4 story in between the original strips where they chronologically belong.

I debated for a short while whether to do it this way or just run it as it is in the book collection, stories in their entirety back-to-back, but figgered I’d ask Tumblr if this way would be better.  And Tumblr said this way was something that wouldn’t be terrible to try.  And mostly my wife said this way was better in no uncertain terms, and she’s the one who bangs me, so.

I do like how in the new ordering, the previous strip Joe states in no uncertain terms that Sal is gone, and now today she pops up.  That’s kind of… storytellingish…

Check out this sweet Showalter Fountain background, complete with the library in the far distance.  At this point, I still had some of these background details floating around in my brain!  I hadn’t become senile yet!

Yeah, the background of the comic book cover on the left is CGI!  I used it later for a certain Flash animation.