Robin’s wacky!  Robin’s very purposefully wacky.  Our previous wacky character mainstay, Walky, has found himself saddled with a truckload of angst.  And so we needed some wacky infusion.  Plus, like, Sal’s off the team and Dina’s gone, so we needed another girl.

The inspiration for Robin’s specific attitude is based on the pre-angst version of Sal.  Y’know, the zany highschooler who boops people’s noses.  But Sal had owned the cool/angst/badass arena for a while, and so I gave her earlier characterization to Robin so I could, like, have a version of it to play with full time.  It’s an important characterization quadrant for me to tap into.  (Becky would settle there due to Robin’s general absence in Dumbing of Age.)  But because of this, I had confidence I’d be able to write a lot of Robin, which is why I assumed I’d have her cross over into whatever webcomic came next.