Here we go, the third and final portion of It’s Walky! begins with this strip.  And in it, we’re introduced to one of its major villains???? Sort of????  I guess “antagonist” fits better, as Bart O’Ryan does have some pretty good points as we go along.  It’s just that, much like Ghostbuster‘s Walter Peck, despite essentially being right, he gets in the way of our heroes, and that makes him A Bad.  And also just like Walter Peck, he’s kind of a jerk about everything, so we don’t feel too bad about it.

Bart O’Ryan gets his last name from the same place Ruth’s Ryan does — I knew a lot of jerky Ryans at the time.  I assume that “Bart” is also a reference to the name of somebody/ies who got under my skin, but heck if I can remember anymore.

I know folks are going to ask, so, yeah, he exists in the Dumbiverse.  I know where he is.

wait why did that newsreel pick up a sound effect

and, like, what’s the location tag on this one?  “television”???