Here it is, the first strip of IT’S PREGNANCY!  I’m declaring it a Joyce and Walky! spinoff for the purposes of: 1) not having to draw a new header, and 2) see 1).  I mean, it’s also a subdirectory of my JoyceAndWalky stuff on my hard drive, rather than being its own folder, so I’ve got some support here.

In 2015, Maggie and I learned we were gonna be parents, and as a proper comic stripper, I wanted to work through my thoughts in cartoon form.  I was 5 years into Dumbing of Age at the time, and none of those kids were gonna get pregnant, so I resurrected the Walkyverse like a horrible zombie to do Pregnancy Comic Strips with Joyce and Walky!  I just put them on Tumblr.  Nothing fancy.  Sometimes to this day I’ll get new followers of the It’s Pregnancy! Tumblr and I’m like, uh, there will be no further updates to this, what are you doing.

Again, since Dumbing of Age was 5 years into itself at the time, it was KIND OF WEIRD at this point to replace myself mentally into the “Joyce and Walky are a married couple” brainspace, where for a long time they were kind of acquaintances at best.  Like, ew, these two banged?  That’s weird and gross and wrong!  But oh well!  They’re my best viewpoint characters, so time to tell the story of Joyce’s pregnancy with little Bobby Machete via the proxy of Maggie and my experiences.

WHICH GOT KIND OF KNEECAPPED BASICALLY IMMEDIATELY once we found out, uh, whoops, we’re having twins.  This was not going to be a 1:1 Personal Experiences comic strip replicator.  I was going to have to edit some stuff for these Singletons here.  For example, in this strip, Joyce COULD have talked about the NUMEROUS eyeballs she has inside her!  But no, she’s just got the regular two (and her own).  It’s weirder when you start thinking about how many teeth you got in there.  Everyone’s born with both their baby and adult teeth, so once Joyce got closer to term, if she counts her own, she’s got like FIVE sets of teeth somewhere inside.  That’s some body horror.

Shoulda named this webcomic It’s Body Horror!

do i tag bobby throughout this, or is that too pro-life