Oh no! I forgot to mention on yesterday’s update that it was the LAST STRIP EVER with hand-written dialogue! It’s all computer typefaces from here on out.

Why? Well, you see, the crossover with T Campbell’s Fans! is imminent, and, um, he writes a normal number of words in his scripts. Me, with my large-ass yet barely-legible handwriting, was often writing the tiniest of threadbare sentences just to fit words into panels, and I was like… no. Let’s… try something else.  I felt that I should be moving instead of making him write stupid-short sentences made outta Awkward Nigh-English.  And so Fonts Happened, which are way more readable at smaller sizes. I wanted to start it earlier than the crossover itself, just to work the kinks out ahead of time.

And what happened then? Well, in the Walkyverse they say that the characters’ dialogue grew three sizes that day.

It is honestly one of the best changes I have ever made for myself.

It’d be a while before I got a typeface made of my own handwriting, though. Until then, enjoy… what is this, Anime Ace?