You might notice the linework is thinner on this strip versus the ones immediately prior.  When you work in markers like Sharpies or whatnot, over time the “fine tip” ends get crushed and smooshed through use, and the lines get wider as a result.  And then you realize the marker is basically kaput and you start over fresh, now with thin lines again.  That’s what’s happening here.  You can probably follow this pattern through the years up until I went digital.  Yay, digital!  Where line thickness hinges more on one’s immediate feelings than brutal reality!

I’m trying to parse Joyce’s punchline here.  The joke is that behind door number two is something she actually remembers from her recent past, from after her mindwipe, and she’s happy she’s for once in on the gag with the others.  But I think the point of deja vu is that you, y’know, DON’T remember where you saw it before.  So, uh.

Maybe the connotation of the term is also something Joyce forgot.