timetogether700We devoured a huge story chunk, so we’re circling round back to some stand-alones!  One of the ideas behind Joyce and Walky! was that they’d be going back to school to get their degrees, since neither Joyce nor Walky ever finished theirs, ‘cuz aliens and whatnot.  I ended up not touching on this angle very much.  But don’t worry, they’d eventually get solidly back to school one way or another.

Here is Joyce in a sweatervest!  Probably the first canonical appearance of her in one.   Momentous!  Confession: the sweatervests are all Maggie’s fault.  Look, she’s very fetching in one, okay?  And so towards the end of It’s Walky! I drew a limited print of a post-IW! Joyce and Walky in alternate clothing, and Joyce is wearing, well, Maggie’s sweatervest, which is also later the Dumbiverse Striped Sweatervest, and I put her in it again, here.  Eventually, though, I decided to give that look to Dorothy and Joyce defaulted back to her orange t-shirt.

and then in dumbing of age joyce stole the sweatervests back and dorothy started borrowing looks from liz lemon etc etc

….anyway, Roomies! is 22 years old today and Dumbing of Age is 9.  So old.