The thing about the way I draw my characters is that the bangs are very very important.  Like, to this day, when I freehand a character with a Sharpie marker inside somebody’s book, I start with the bangs.  That’s my reference point for everything else in the face and face-adjacent area, if I’m forced to drop my rough pencil construction layer.

Anyway, when Joyce (or anybody) hangs upside-down, I have to take a second to reconsider how to draw them on a crucially fundamental level, as if I were a child drawing for the first time.  Like, what does her hairline even look like?  I don’t know!  I never draw it!  It’s as real as the nostrils I also don’t draw!  And if there’s no bangs to draw, then what do I start with?  The eyes?  I don’t even know how to place eyes on a face without having the bangs there first as a reference point!  We’re totally lost here.  It’s madness now.  Pandemonium.  Utter chaos.

I exaggerate a little.  Not a lot, but a little.