dang that third-panel sal is awful, had to fight my need to redraw it

I figure it’s appropriate that a Sal strip reruns today.  Today’s my mother’s funeral, and I’ll be back in La Porte, Indiana, as this updates.  You see, a lot of Sal and Danny’s Walkyverse backstory was borrowed from my parents.  Like Sal, my mom was a girl whose family moved around a lot as a kid, finally relocating during high school from Mississippi to Indiana, where she met my dad.  I thought of my father as unapproachably perfect and my mom as strongwilled to a fault, and those qualities were kind of baked into the Walkyverse versions of the characters.

And, like my parents, I guess they were destined to grow apart and find other people.

Goodbye, mom.  Sometimes I lose sight of it, but you were and always will be a large chunk of me.