One of the “rhythm”s of webcomic storylines I miss from the Walkyverse day is the “Week Of Strips Catching Us Up With A Different Set Of Characters Each Day,” usually following a Big Event.  It was a fun, rapid-fire “this is what’s different now” transitional bit of pageantry that a more decompressed form of storytelling doesn’t require, such as in Dumbing of Age.  So we got Jason/Joe, then we got Dina/Joyce, then Tony/Sal, and now Alan/Walky, with each day drawing a line in the sand as to where we are right now in the narrative.

Meanwhile, I have no recollection why Walky is thumbing through legal documents.  Is he just cleaning up after the SEMME Complex’s big crash?  Doing grunt research work in the wake of Bart O’Ryan’s legal threats?  Hinting at some third thing I’ve forgotten?  Who knows, except people who remember this shit better.

(why are alan’s folders alphabetical but walky’s folders chronological)