Because this is one of those Pure Flix films where the atheist realizes that he believes in God after all, after some thought and/or violent trauma!

Anyway.  Uh, Walkyverse Dina and Dumbiverse Dina don’t share a birthday.  I wanted to have a birthday storyline in Dumbing of Age, and looked at this strip once upon a time to see when Dina’s was, and, uh, it won’t be an “___ember 4” for… probably many years.  So OH WELL, Dina Saruyama’s birthday is sometime mid/late October.

Also what’s with that angel engraved on there?  I wonder if Dina’s parents were more religious than she was.  Well, generically, since “love joy peace” and an angel aren’t, like, terribly specific, but, well, you know.  I can’t seem to find that engraving anywhere on Google Image Search so I’m just gonna throw my hands up in the air in resignation.