The last of the BEGINNINGS OF THE ENDS full page strips!  This one was delayed until now for obvious reasons.  It clearly goes here rather than back there with the other ones.

In middle school, I wrote a series of stories about Danny and Joe and Ultra Car in the even-more-future, timeskipped to the point where their kids were teenagers.  Before Danny’s Girlfriend Sally was created (when I was in high school) it was established backstory that Danny’s wife (and D.J’s mom) died on a plane crash.  And so this is me kinda folding that in, because NOTHING FROM MY CHILDHOOD PROSE GETS LEFT UNUSED in the Walkyverse.

It’s nice to see Dina!  Alive!  And in business with Joe, it seems.   (“Rosenthal and Sarazu Technology” on the wall behind them.)  Pretty nice universe other than the plane crashes.

And honestly it’s just weird to see Sal dressed all mom style.  Sensible mom jeans, a purse, shorter hair.  Like some kind of mom or something!!!!

anyway this is why sal was missing from most of the free saturday strips we just burned through, cuz *gestures* all this was going on in the meantime