I continued to self-censor my curse words in Joyce & Walky!, following (most of) It’s Walky!’s lead, but I allowed myself in Shortpacked! to write swears as I chose.  So, yeah, have a “fuck.”  If this were truly a J&W! page, I’d have scribbled over the word.

Chekhov’s Toys & Games comes into play!  Before Amazi-Girl was rebooted in Dumbing of Age, the corn popper weapon was apparently incredibly crucial!  Amber literally needed it to be Amazi-Girl.  Just the mask, cape, and “A” scrawled on the shirt wouldn’t have done it, apparently.  Amazi-Girl’s colors here are opposite how she previously presented, with a light blue bodysuit and a yellow mask.  I thought it would have been too on-the-nose for Amber to be wearing Amazi-Girl’s usual colors going into this storyline, figuring that as long as she had some arrangement of them she still read as Amazi-Girl once she put on the mask and cape…. however, this look became Dumbing of Age Amazi-Girl’s actual colors.  I can’t recall if I simply misremembered them when I redesigned her for DoA or if I just liked the colors enough in this story to choose them on purpose.