It was amazingly refreshing, finding myself in the middle of a years-long slog of drawing nothing but talking heads adjacent toy store countertops and apartment interiors, to let myself draw some fun jumping and punching.  I get that itch, okay?  I gotta scratch it.  I was so far out from It’s Walky! I also sorta felt I had to prove to myself that I could still do this.  It is amazing for me to consider, looking at this a decade out, that I was able to accomplish this with real pen on real paper.  In digital, you can just fuss with things until it works, but when drawing in analog, you kind of have to get it down right the first time.  Fixing things in post is much harder!

Note the conspicuous “Toys & Games” shop behind them.  It’s a cousin to all those “HONEY BUN ATTACKS” newspaper headlines.