Panel one is a very good Joyce and I love it.

“She’ll win ’em over.  So long as she doesn’t bring up that time she shot her own clone in the face!”

Practically everything about this story so far has screamed that we’re going to do the traditional beginning-of-a-crossover fight. The Fans could not be more primed for it.

Fortunately, Walky has made one of his good calls as leader: sending in Joyce to ease tensions on her lonesome. The risk to her is low and the potential for success is high. Not only is she friendly as sunshine after summer rain, but she still carries herself like an innocent girl– certainly not like a badass super-soldier, even though she’s both. The Fans have had their trust abused before, though, and if they get the slightest sign that Joyce’s manner is a mask, this won’t end with a handshake.

Not sure why we elected not to show some action through that viewscreen in panel 6, but oh, well.
it’s cool i edited it out