OH HEY T noticed that I left a panel out of yesterday’s, so you can go back and check it out.  It has some very good Joyce art by Jason Waltrip.

Anyway, that’s DEFINITELY a face that says “i’ve never shot my own clone in the face.”  TRUST IT, RIKK!  TRUST IT!!!!

Oh, sure, NOW everybody starts wondering if Rikk’s being rational, right when he STOPS treating literally everyone in this entire goddamn universe as an enemy combatant. You guys, honestly.

As Joyce gets closer, it’s not her apparent innocence that wins Rikk over. She’s been through some hell herself, as had Alisin before she met Rikk. Despite wildly different personas, both Alisin and Joyce have chosen idealism over cynicism despite their lingering issues. Rikk has seen enough of that and enough of genuine naivete to tell the two apart.
And yes, “she accepts all she sees” is an intentional echo of this.
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