On the wall like a photo is a drawing of one of the old ItsWalky.com site logo images, I think?  I can’t find the specific one on my hard drive, but it looked like the graphic to the left, but with Sal there instead of Joe.  So, in universe, I guess SEMME kind of makes sure each squadron has a portrait of them taken?  Or is this something Squad 128 decided to do on their own?  Clearly Sal and Mike, who are too cool to look at the camera, are not entirely up to this, whatever the story is.

Trying to figure out what the other two smaller photographs are supposed to be of.  The top one looks like Walky in a tie?  That seems unlikely.  And the one below sort of looks Tony-ish, but it kinda looks like his arm is lopped off.  Which is also unlikely.

I wish I’d left notes for my future self.