Every birth episode on television has everyone freaking the fuck out as everything in the world goes wrong and you somehow end up having the baby in the place where you work so that the television crew doesn’t have to put together a hospital set.

Real life is more like this.

The file info on this comic strip tells me I drew it after we got back from the hospital, which was about a week later.  (yay complications!)  It’s probably the first thing I drew after becoming a father!  I had some Very Tentative Plans to do strips after this where we see Carol Brown try to bribe Walky to give her his hospital anti-contamination scrubs (which cover you head to toe) so that she could sneak in see her grandson’s birth herself, which is a very Carol thing to do, and of course I never got around to drawing it, and I thought (again, very tentatively) about trying to draw it for this rerun website, but in six years I also forgot how it ended.  I only remembered the hook.  And so eh.  It’s Pregnancy! ends here.

Tomorrow, probably some pertinent Shortpacked! strips.