Here’s where J&W! gets all timey wimey.  I have this story track and this separate gag strip track, and I’m writing them sort of at the same time.  And sometimes mistakes are made.

Now, Walky finds out Billie’s pregnant in a story strip right before he grabs his team to head off to Linda’s cell.  And then they fight Head Alien II and the future kids, yadda yadda yadda.  Meanwhile, this stand-alone Saturday strip runs where Walky has already learned Billie’s pregnant and he asks her how long until the birth and she says three months.

The next time we see her is in the Day Of Wedding strips in which the kid is already born.  And Jason says that it’s been “weeks” since the fight with Head Alien II.

See the conundrum?

Well, this is basically the only place this strip can go, between Walky learning of the pregnancy and the kid being already born.  And I’m just gonna run out the rest of the stand-alone Saturdays too, why not.  That can be the “three months” or “weeks” or whatever you want to call them.  Weeks can be three months!  It’s just a little stretchy.  And the next storyline makes it feel like it’s not long after the previous one.   It feels pretty urgent!

hmm maybe that baby popped out early, who knows, it happens