One of the stories I wanted to do in It’s Walky! was a jaunt over to New York to meet Mike’s parents, resulting in a battle with the Giant Mutant Frosted Honey Bun.  But then, like, 9/11 happened and for a while it was a Bad Idea to draw shitty things happening amidst skyscrapers in New York, so it was shelved.  BUT!  In 2009, in Shortpacked!, I resurrected the idea (along with Mike).  I’m gonna run it here because, whatever, it’s sorta an It’s Walky story anyway.  And it goes here chronologically in the narrative, I realized, because stuff happens to a few characters very soon in J&W! that would preclude this happening later, and Amber mentions its events in past tense eventually in J&W! itself, so it looks like this 2009 story happens in the middle of J&W!’s 2008.  Wibbly wobbly time shit, as Mister Benjamin Who would say!

ENJOY this Shortpacked! story presented here, with commentary!

This will be the first of two of these.  Shortpacked! readers can probably can guess the second.