What Walky wanted came true!  …even the part where he loses his hair, apparently, weird flex

I’m not sure how far in the future this is.  Do the abductees age at the same rate that regular humans do?  They’re pretty sturdy and they can regenerate injuries better, so who knows.  This might be 100 years from now, or it could be 2050.

Though I guess, SPOILERS, the Martians don’t murder everybody in 25 years.  WHOOPS.

This was… the last update!  The absolute, definite end of It’s Walky!, and this cast, for forever and ever!  Except the very next day, I started posting comics from the newspaper run of Roomies! Redux, which you already saw way back 6 years ago, slotted back into where they fit into the timeline.  Seeing Joyce go from late It’s Walky! Joyce to Early Roomies! Joyce was definitely a bit of whiplash.  But we’d go forward in the timeline again soon enough.  Late January 2005, in fact, just a few weeks after the beginning of Shortpacked!.  So…

Tomorrow: We exhume this corpse and beat it for cash.