It’s January 22, 2005.  It’s Walky! has been over since November.  Shortpacked! is just five days old.  I’ve been in a relationship for a few months at this point, and hey, guess what, being in a relationship gives you ideas for comics!  But nobody in Shortpacked! is coupled up.  But Joyce and Walky are.

So I let out some Idea Steam by drawing a comic about Joyce and Walky.  A “Joyce and Walky!” comic, if you will.  I throw it up on the website.  It’s well-received!  People say they want more.

I say “i dunnnooooooo…”

People say they’re willing to PAY for more.

I pull out a cash register.

notty02panelINTERESTING NOTE, PERHAPS: Privately, secretly, I springboarded off this specific strip and drew a … fourteen-page? comic where Joyce and Walky do, in fact, do it.  I drew it for Maggie.  She was ecstatic.  She got Me (and all that entails, knowing me) to draw her porn.  That’s an achievement, and she felt very proud.  It was, essentially, a protoSlipshine comic.  It was extremely rough, being, uh, my “first time,” and Maggie did critique the over-all emphasis on the girl rather than the boy, but it is definitely a thing that exists on our hard drives and not yours.  Neener neener.