Whoops, sorry, David. I’ll chime in on the business with Shanna’s pop-culture references the next time we see her, but the “evil Mike” thing is going to take some time to explain. It’s arguably the Keenspottiest thing I’ve ever written: referencing not only the comics in this crossover but two others that also belonged to the Keenspot webcomics collective at the time.

Mike Green from Maritza Campos’s College Roomies from Hell is a character Rikk met in a previous crossover, and has a lot in common with Mike Warner, though he’s more charismatic and has a tender side that doesn’t require alcohol. Clone Mike only showed up briefly in Cool Cat Studio before that series went on hiatus, but CCS‘s Gisele Lagace and I had worked together– I’d guest-write for her, she’d guest-draw for me– so the strip had a little connection with Fans.
Really, this bit sprang from my desire to honor everyone at Keenspot who had helped me out most (David included). Somewhere around this time, I was entering talks that would lead Fans to exit Keenspot and spearhead a subscription-based comics service. The revenue situation was pretty much forcing my hand, but it wasn’t an easy choice: it felt like leaving family. So if I was going to have to go, I’d at least etch into the work as much of my gratitude as I could get away with. A second CRFH crossover would follow this one.