I am going to presume T will talk about the Dexter thing in his portion of the writeup, so I’m gonna step back and wonder idly… does Shanna know what DeGrassi High is?  The Fans universe has a lot of renamed pop culture stuff, like Startec instead of Star Trek and whatnot.  I mean, she doesn’t need to know what it is for the joke to land, and in fact it’s probably even funnier.  She does admittedly seem to know who Spaceman Spiff is, even if he appeared in a newspaper strip called, like, John and Calvin in her universe.  I just wonder if it’s a television show where she’s from, or if it’s called DeGassy High or something shifted like that.

what’s t got to say

SHANNA: “You know, I’ve just lost all interest in newspaper comics since your cartoonist quit. [slowly turns to camera] Like all right-thinking people, prefer webcomics. Sometimes I read them twice or three times, just to make sure I’ve clicked on every ad. I sure wish there was some kind of subscription-based patronage service, or maybe some crowd-supported burst of funding that kickstarts new projects, so I could support webcartoonists even more. They’re the real heroes here.”

MONKEY MASTER [with a calm that reflects 548 petaflops of quiet contemplation]: “Indeed.”

HEAD ALIEN: “Once I’m done ruling the world, I intend to give control of it to webcartoonists.”

MEIGHAN: “You know, I’b agtually a webgomigs publisher. Seriously, my lasd abbearance in Fans before dis was aboud tryig to get VC fundig for id.”

HEAD ALIEN: “Well, why didn’t you say so? Monkey Master, cut her down immediately! How many zeroes do you want on this check?”
 Oh, huh!  WELL OKAY, HERE’S THE DEXTER THING.  It’s short.  Ever since Head Alien got resurrected and his body horizontally mirrored, he’s been right-handed and left-clawed.  So the It’s Walky! readership started calling him Dexter for various etymological reasons.  Anyway, it was T’s idea to tip the hat to that here, and we did.  Later, it’d become his “real” name in Dumbing of Age.  (I like to think he just needed something besides “Head Alien” to put on his, like, job application forms or whatever.)
(yes at one point he tried to work in retail in order to take over the world, that’s a thing people do, i swear)
I’ve probably talked about parts of that on this website’s commentary already before, but it’s more pertinent here since it makes it sort of into “canon.”