Double-sized strip!  There’ll be a few of these.  Sometimes I would do them in Shortpacked! because Shortpacked! actually had weekends off and I wanted the cliffhanger to land where it should.  Sometimes I just wanted something to have the proper narrative rhythm.

Anyway, uh, hrm, when I first drew this story for Shortpacked!, I kept needing to explain pre-Shortpacked! Walkyverse lore as it went along, since that audience wasn’t always up to snuff on their Roomies! or It’s Walky! stuff.  Now I feel like it’s the other way around, where I gotta explain the Shortpacked! lore behind this It’s Walky! story!

SO.  Just to bring us up to speed, once Robin ate an entire bowl of Cadbury Cereal, an invention of hers which involves pouring (unwrapped) Cadbury eggs into a bowl, pouring milk on it, and then just eating it like a regular bowl of cereal.  She blacked out in the ensuing sugar rush and discovered that she had become the U.S. Congressional Representative for her district in the interim.  So that’s just a thing she can do.  Also, earlier, we learned that this power can be transferred to other people through make-outs, such as when Leslie got a contact high through Robin and woke up and found out she had re-shuffled the floundering Shortpacked! toy store into a more salesfriendly general pop culture store.

Anyway, looks like she’s at it again!  Let’s see what she does.