USS DestinyHere we go!  The first strip of the first storyline of the final over-arc.   The home stretch!

As I’ve mentioned a few times, a lot of these stories and characters were originally born from stuff I wrote in elementary school.  And as It’s Walky! began wrapping up, I realized, hey, I left out some “important stuff.”   So let’s shove it all in there before it’s all done and I, like, forever move on to writing about a mundane ol’ toy store or whatever.  (Note: I would not actually forever write about a mundane toy store, I would only write about a mundane toy store for a decade.)

The U.S.S. Destiny is one of those things.  I’ll explain more as things go along.

(So far I’ve only tagged vehicles as, well, simple tags, rather than as Locations, but a) it will be simpler going forward if Destiny is a location, and b) it’s a colony ship, it’s a place you can live, so it’s technically a location anyway.)

Also, yes, the cable news text crawl under Bart O’Ryan is just G.I. Joe Fensler Film stuff, of course.

UPDATE: My dad brought me two tubs full of my childhood art today, so I’ve included a cellphone photo of my childhood drawing of the U.S.S. Destany [sic]