Woo!  Bonus height!  There’s no way you’re getting those little inset panels at the bottom of a giant dramatic The Cheese reveal without cheating the height of your dailies.

And, heh, you can tell T Campbell specifically wrote Monkey Master’s line here because I always go with “dammit” instead of “damn it.”  The big gorilla’s been hanging with extra-dimensional travelers for all of like an hour and he’s already picking up their parsing.

David was playing his cards close to the vest even with me about just who and what the Cheese was. so I had a limited toolset when it came to suggesting his dialogue. Still, I like the oddly microeconomic phrasing we gave him here, for a couple of reasons.
One, it was language Meighan would recognize so that she’d be willing to engage him in conversation instead of just lapsing into stunned silence. Two, it plays to what I liked best about him: he seems bound by a rigorous code of conduct, but a code frighteningly unlike anything in our houses of worship or law books.