When T and I were putting the framework of this story together and decided that it’d involve universal travel so our characters could meet, there was one wrench in the works: Shanna had shown up in my strip before as a cameo.  However, we made lemons outta lemonade, decided that the extra Shanna was a dimensional doppelganger, and suddenly The Cheese had motive for showing up in the story.  Huzzah!

Also Meighan also got to be a doppelganger, probably to give Shanna someone to talk to.

(please ignore the rumy eye cameos on various head alien screens)

You’d think I’d be primed for it, but I somehow hadn’t noticed that Shanna Cochran had already appeared in It’s Walky once prior to the crossover, alongside a humanized version of Lorna from NewshoundsOnce David pointed that out, though, I really wanted to make a thing of it in a way that’d reward sharper-eyed readers without leaving the rest of us behind.

The Scanner specified “two of them” and the Cheese is wasting no time with Rikk and the others, so it seems the other Fans characters do not have parallel counterparts in this universe… hey, sometimes that’s how it goes: maybe their parents never met here. Maybe Will’s mom came to her senses and left his dad before they had a kid. Maybe Alisin met the early fate she was headed toward in her first appearances. There may be infinite yous out there in the multiverse, but there are also infinite instances where the world’s gotten by just fine without you.