Chronologically, this is the first time we see Billie and Danny acknowledge each other.  This exchange would have been extremely useful to have been in the original comic, I’m sure.  I didn’t realize yet at the time that Billie was to be important.

Hey, Carly.

The guy in the last two panels is based on a coworker from my time at Mars 2112, a theme restaurant.   He was a foreign hire.    (There were a lot of those at Mars 2112;  it was an internationally-owned restaurant.)  He looked just like that and did talk about capitalist pigs all the time.  Also I was at a super drunk party with him once.  He did the oink-oink thing and everything.  My tribute to him.

Oh, right.  The party I was at him with was a going-away party for an Irish girl from the restaurant that was returning home.  She was really nice.   I have never been so intoxicated before or since.  At one point I said I’d had enough, and asked for Mountain Dew instead.  Oh ha ha ha ha, the Mountain Dew had stuff in it, too.  Totally pranked.  Of course by the time I’d noticed, I didn’t care.

The police busted up the party when some underage girls wandered from it into the streets.  They told us to go home.  Well, that’s stupid, I thought, still wasted out of my mind.  So I sat in my truck for hours, waiting to sober up enough to drive home.  Not gonna be Ruth, I told myself.  Not gonna be Ruth.  

…not sure what Billie’s Monopoly line is about.  Can someone else figure that out?