1. u-dave2Look, Sal has a flush of non-yellow color to her as she’s thrown off balance!
  2. Be too distracted by the cleverness of that to notice how hilariously bad her “LIES” face is.
  3. Finally Alan’s secret comes out.  He’s not a dude!  He’s an Alien dude in a human Pretender suit!  There’ve been lots of hints, the most obvious of which are when Alan seems to, y’know, die a lot, but then appear later with no problem.  Even his name is supposed to be a clue, being so close to the word “Alien.”  The idea was come up with years prior when I was trying to distinguish him from other characters more.  I had many sets of characters that were doppelgangers of me and my elementary school friends — For example, Walky and Danny were originally both me, and Alan (originally named “Dave”) and Joe were both my elementary school best friend (named “Dave”).  But Joe became his own person and Alan… well, the part of Straight Man To Walky became Jason’s when I hit high school, and Alan suddenly had nothing to do.  So it was decided that he was really an alien in disguise.  The most elegant solution, obviously.

To the right is a Windows Paint edit a friend did to Alan’s Roomies!-era character model to workshop this idea.  Sometimes I am reluctant to do awesome things with my childhood characters, and I need to have it demonstrated through art that I should definitely do these awesome things.