Joe’s Playa Rule #4 is CLEARLY manspreading.

I remember the first time I noticed a woman’s pupils dilated while she was smiling at me, then noticing other aspects of her body language that showed her interest, and thinking I had unlocked one of the great mysteries of the universe. I probably should’ve set the bar for Joe’s level of savvy a bit higher, though. While I can find something to love about almost any character, these two were the hardest members of each respective cast for me to write, and the words on this page especially make my editing fingers itch.

It was obviously impossible, but a Jackie-Jason Chesterfield interaction might’ve been a good lead-in here, assuming Jason was about as he was before going on the lam. After having his culture mocked relentlessly by everyone else in the cast, I doubt he’d know what to make of Jackie. And then she’d get more interested in Joe anyway, leaving us with FOUR angry blond men on the ship. Even if Jason had found Jackie too young for him, IT’S JUST THE PRINCIPLE.
If it makes you feel better, T, I had no idea about any kind of pupil dilation thing and had to look it up to see if it was real after reading this bit you wrote, so at least your level of savvy was higher than mine.  Mind, it would have been completely useless information to me anyway — my wife had to teach me how to Perform An Eye Contact.