Not actually meeting your first interdimensional traveler, Head Alien, though I don’t recall if that’s information you currently have or not.   But we’ll find out about that later.

Look, it’s a new spider spaceship thing!  I was about to design it myself since it showed up first in one of my strips, when T was all, um, hey, yo, Jason Waltrip is kind of, like, y’know, a mecha artist?  Why don’t we let him take a crack at it?  And I was like, oh, right, duh, there I am, hogging all the ship designs, despite not being… great at them.

But hey, check it out!

what do i call it

Let’s go see what T has to say about today’s strip.

Head Alien, like everyone else in this story at this point, is working about as well as he can from very limited knowledge. He assumes that these travelers, like others who appear later in IW, have tech that allows them to jump dimensions on purpose. He’s wrong, but it could be worse for him: these seven interdimensional travelers could have Cheese-level powers or technology that makes his ship look like tiddlywinks. The Scanner would probably pick up on the former, but probably is not definitely. Ultimately, the risk of not seizing this opportunity, especially when SEMME is likely already on its way to investigate, outweighs the risk of going for it.