Naked Ladies Holding Chains And Nachitos is my favorite dirty magazine.

Anyway, this is precisely why my Dumbing of Age characters wear so many layers of clothing — just in case they get ported into an alternate Earth where most of them are naked, there’s enough left to share.


“Makes sense.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What clothes the group has are distributed among the women, except Alisin, who is by far the most comfortable with nudity (and she’s not really naked if she’s got her chain). Even so, the sunburns are going to get serious if these guys are out here much longer.
I don’t know if any quick summary can fully explain the tangle that is Rikk and Alisin’s marriage at this point in time, but “well-intentioned cheating” covers a lot of it. Rikk knows Alisin did what she did out of love, but it still damaged his trust and still stung. Meighan played her part in it out of weakness, which is even harder to forgive. But  Meighan also played a role in saving Ally’s life and YEAH, IT’S COMPLICATED.
Oh, and David? Checked my old script copies, and turns out yesterday’s iconography stuff was you! I do seem to remember you saying that having a script freed you up to improvise a bit more with the art.
hot dang