newjoyceWe skip a few months into the future and Joyce has a redesigned haircut.  At the time I was working at Mars 2112, a theme restaurant, in which I wore a Star Trek uniform and operated a spaceship simulator ride every four minutes for 11 hours a day.  So in between those 4 minute intervals, I would sit in the dark and doodle on little pieces of scratchpaper I kept in my pockets.  I started experimenting more with how the characters looked, because, like, what else are you going to do with your time?  And I can’t remember exactly where the inspiration for Joyce’s new hair shape came from, but here it is.

It’s funny how, over the years, her hair gradually morphed back into basically the shape it started out as.  I mean, it was way-better drawn than it was before, but the general shape returned.  Sometimes when you push yourself to change, you find something awesome that sticks.  Other times, muscle memory kind of slowly reasserts itself.