And here’s the last page of Joyce and Walky!.  I was done, I was finally done.  Probably no more Walkyverse outta me, ever.  Probably!!!!  Unless we were expecting children or something and needed an outlet for all that material, i dunno

Check out Joe’s stubble!  He’s bridging his cleanshaven Joyce and Walky! look to his full-bearded Shortpacked! look.

Check out Sal and Jason exchanging meaningful glances!  They’re not together or anything.  The meaningful glances are your closure on these two.

I always had this Future Kids Martian Return thing purposefully hanging out there in case I ever wanted to go back to writing this stuff if, like, all my other projects failed.  Y’know, twenty years in the future.  But Dumbing of Age pulled me out of poverty, and eleven years later it’s still going!  And so I’m not sure that’s a story I’ll be likely to tell.  I did make sure to chuck some fun folks out there to use if I ever felt like it — Dorothy, Machete, Donna Warner… these folks would be a great core cast to start out with.  Especially with Dorothy being a ticking Head Alien bomb.  But!  Nah.

Tomorrow: It’s gonna be totally babies.